What is TT car rental ?

Temporary Transit, TT car rental, TT, purchase-buyback, is a French customs and tax provision based on the temporary admission regime.


It allows anyone residing outside the European Union or in an Overseas Department/Territory to acquire a new vehicle for a limited period during their stay in Europe, exempt from customs duties and VAT.

Renault, Dacia (TT-Eurodrive offer), and Peugeot, Citroën, DS (Car2Europe offer) each offer their "car rental" formulas based on the TT regime, providing a high-end alternative to traditional rental.

Very similar in operation to traditional rental, these formulas allow you to benefit from a new vehicle for a duration ranging from 7 days to 6 months with comprehensive insurance and no deductible.

Temporary Transit TT-EURODRIVE
Temporary Transit Car2europe

Upon taking possession of your vehicle, you have no documents to fill out, no additional fees, no security deposit, no credit card imprint, and no vehicle inspection upon delivery or return.

At the end of your stay, two possibilities:

1 - You return the vehicle to one of our 25 centers across Europe.

2 - You want to buy the vehicle; in this case, the manufacturer will send you an offer and the terms of purchase.

In practice, it is rare for the vehicle to be bought back because your initial need was simply to have the vehicle during your stay, but it is often a good opportunity worth exploring as the discounts are interesting.

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